Simple apps
built with passion

I am a young developer from Czechia
making projects that just work.


Most of my work is GNOME and Linux related and is written in Vala, JavaScript or Python. I love the vision of open source software, so all my projects are open source.

About Me

My name is Vojtěch Perník, I’m a young student from the Czech Republic, who is passionate about code.

I got into programming in early 2020 when I wanted to follow my father’s journey. I learned Java and I enjoyed it very much.

In September 2020 I completely switched to Linux and I still use Fedora today. At that time I became interested in GNOME and GTK and started learning Vala, followed by JavaScript, Python and Dart.

Support Me

Every little donation is very much appreciated. I work on open source software and all my projects are available for free. So if you want to support my work, you can help me using the methods below.