LTT translation system

Simple translation system.

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LTT project is no longer maintained!

I have decided to end the project for the time being to work on other projects. However, the whole LTT project is still usable, I just won't be developing it anymore.

When there is time, I may return to the project, for now all LTT related repositories are archived.

LTT translation system

LTT project is simple translation system. Simpler alternative for the GNU GetText. It is based on INI file format for its simplicity. The project includes libraries in various languages and a translation editor.

In which languages can I use the library?

Java: 0.1 PHP: 0.1

So far, the official LTT library is only available in Java and PHP. Even so, you can easily use LTT in any language, in which is INI available. But you can’t use enhancements contained in the official library.

If you want to help me, you can create new library, which can be used in your favourite language. After that just send me an email with link to your git repository, and I will add this link to this page.

Translations editor

LTT Edit: 0.2.1

For easiest creating of LTT translations I made also simple translation editor.


Complete LTT syntax manual you can find in the wiki of this project.

Do you have any problem?

Ask on our forum! There you can also place an “advertisement” for the translation of your application.