GTK runtime library package ready to install

Many applications use the GTK library to run in the graphical user interface and require it to own running. This project helps GTK application developers with packaging and distributing GTK libraries, and GTK application users to conveniently install them. The package also includes several GTK themes, from which you can select the main one during installation.

GTK 4.0 support is coming soon... 🙂

What is GTK Windows pack?

GTK Windows pack is package of GTK runtime libraries. If you are developing application, which uses GTK, you can use this package instead of packaging GTK on your own. This is not development library, this is just runtime.

GTK is downloaded from MSYS2.

What is GTK?

GTK is free and open source cross platform widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. GTK is maintained by the GNOME Foundation.

Included GTK themes

GTK Windows pack includes these GTK themes:

Theme support in each GTK version

Theme name GTK 2.0 GTK 3.0
Windows 10 Light ✓ yes ✓ yes
Windows 10 Dark ✓ yes ✓ yes
Adwaita Light ✓ yes ✓ yes
Adwaita Dark ✗ no ✓ yes
Pop Light ✓ yes ✓ yes
Pop Dark ✗ no ✓ yes

Theme previews

GTK Windows pack version: 1.0.0 GTK 2.0 pack version: 1.0.0 GTK 3.0 pack version: 1.0.0