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New wiki was started!

So after some time of work, the wiki is finally done! As I promised in one of the previous posts, it is running on Jekyll and using the same theme as this blog. In this post I want to explain why I decided to start own wiki and what can be found there.

When I switched to Linux, I found difficult to find some guides. Yes, there are tons of guides all around the internet. But that's exactly the bad thing. There are too many guides, many of them are outdated and there is no website, where would be all on the one place. You are supposed to go through all the sites and try if the guide is working. And that is really annoying.

That's why I decided to start the wiki. I'm going to write there for example guides for Linux and programing beginners. Everything will be on the same place. I also plan to write here some documentations for my projects, and many other things.

The wiki can be found on this link: